Life Update: Skin Cancer​ & More


I have so much love and trust for this community, so, I felt like I was doing you all a disservice by not giving a life update and sharing a little bit about what’s been going on.

Matthew and I at the lake last summer.

Matthew and I at the lake last summer.

If you’ve been following along on the blog and Instagram for a while, you’ll know my mom had multiple cases of skin cancer earlier this year. It was melanoma and a persistent little sucker. To give my mom piece of mind, I promised the next time I was in town I would go to the same dermatologist and get my moles checked out. For those who do not know, genetics plays a huge role in the development of cancer, so the chances of me getting skin cancer at some point were extremely high.

The benefit of going to the same dermatologists is that they knew my mom’s case and history, so they wouldn’t overlook spots other doctors may. THANK GOODNESS I made an appointment because the dermatologist found not only one but three suspicious spots on my body that they believe to be cancerous. 

To say I was so surprised was an understatement, but I feel so blessed that I made an appointment and these spots were found. Sure it was scary as hell, but truth be told, if I hadn’t made an appointment this summer, it would probably have been years until I went back. 

On Monday, I went in for a routine surgery to get the first potentially cancerous spot removed. The mole was right in the middle of my back very close to my spine, so the dermatologist warned that some of the nerves in that area may be damaged and go numb for several months. Matthew was there to comfort and support me the entire time and even had flowers waiting for me when I got home. I’m seriously beyond thankful for him! Just knowing he was there made me feel more secure and relaxed.

I am in no way in pain, just uncomfortable and can’t find a good way to sit or lay down. Fingers crossed this discomfort wears off in the next few days!

I should have the results within a week or two, but until then I’ll be working from home in my dad’s over-sized button down shirts because it’s the only thing I’m comfortable wearing.

More to come…