7 Stores Every Petite Girl Should Know


It's about time I published this post! Let's face it, no matter your body type, everyone faces difficulties while shopping. We are all built differently, and at the end of the day, this is what makes us unique! We need to get rid of the belief that we need to change our bodies to "fit" the clothes, and instead, we need to find the clothes that work for us. It's totally trial and error, not every brand is going to fit.

It took me years to finally find a pair of pants that fit me. I wore uniforms my entire life, so when I got to college I seriously did not have a single pair of pants that fit me. My mom took me to Nordstrom and after multiple frustrating hours of trying on pants that just didn't fit, the sale associate told me to check out Loft. Thank goodness she did because Loft is the ONLY place I can buy pants that fit right.





Size Reference: I am 5’2. I have long legs for my frame, a short torso, and no junk in the trunk.


LOFT // Like I mentioned above, Loft is the only place I can consistently purchase pants that fit me. For their work pants, there offer two different fits: Marisa fit & Julie fit. The Marisa fit is for women whose hips are proportionate to their waist.  This fit is for women with not much curve (aka me). The Julie fit is for women who tend to be a little curvier. They are fitted in the waist but a little looser through the hips.

Although Loft pants fit me pretty well, their shorts are hit or miss. Generally speaking, they normally run too big because I have zero hips or booty to help keep them up.

Tops from Loft fit me decently well, but because I have a short torso, the petite tops are even sometimes too long. This isn’t generally a problem if I am buying the top to wear to work, but because I’m 21, I sometimes want tops that are more trendy/modern and less conservative.

ASOS // I made my first ASOS purchase a few months ago and I was blown away by the accuracy of their sizing. When their items are labeled as petite, they really are petite! ASOS also has a fit assist tool on their website that is seriously the bomb that takes the guesswork out of which size to purchase.

H&M // H&M blazers are seriously underrated. They’re inexpensive, surprisingly good quality, and fit very well if you have a petite frame.

THEORY // Theory is a high-end retailer with luxe petite options. I have the Theory Stretch Wool Shift Dress is charcoal (I bought it on Poshmark) and it honestly fits like it was made for me.

OLD NAVY // I was introduced to Old Navy activewear a few months ago and cannot believe how much I love the top and leggings I purchased! I may even go so far as to say their petite leggings fit me better than any activewear I’ve ever owned.


DRAPER JAMES // Last weekend, I tried on pieces from Draper James for the first time. Their tops fit like an absolute dream for my short torso. Because Draper James’ founder Reese Witherspoon is petite, she channels this into her designs.

J. CREW // A few years ago, J. Crew would not have been on my list of petite-friendly stores. They’ve definitely made some sizing changes in recent years and they’re now a pretty good petite resource. I prefer J. Crew Factory over J. Crew because it’s budget-friendly, so my size review is based on their sizing.

What is your favorite petite-friendly store?