Virginia Tech Ring Dance 2019

It's equally exciting and surreal that I am finally getting to write this post. This past Saturday, Matt and I had the opportunity to attend Ring Dance at Virginia Tech, an event I have been waiting for since I was a freshman. For those who you who aren't familiar with Ring Dance, it is an 85-year-old tradition at Virginia Tech that includes a formal ring presentation by our university president, a prom-esque dance put on in an elegant ballroom, and fireworks at midnight. (Sorry Matt, I was home and asleep before the fireworks...)


  DressRevolve // Shoes: old Target (similar)// Earrings: Lou Lou (similar)// RingDavid Yurman


The Moss Arts Center

The Moss Arts Center

Although I'd been planning for this event for three years, up until about three weeks ago, I didn't think we would be able to attend. Long story short, Matt and I didn't know it was mandatory to purchase a ring in order to guarantee tickets for the dance. Because I spent last summer abroad rather than working, I, unfortunately, didn't have a budget to purchase a ring and didn't see much need, because I wear the same rings every single day.

When we found out, I was devastated. I stopped the dress hunt and accepted that Matt and I wouldn't be able to attend, but would do something else fun together. Fast forward to three weeks ago. Matt called me and told me he had a story to tell me. Apparently, one of his friends had purchased a ring, picked up his Ring Dance tickets, but wasn't able to attend last minute due to a conflict. He offered to give them to Matt and me because he knew how much we wanted to go.


Matt called me at 10 a.m., and I had a dress ordered from Revolve with free two-day shipping by 11:30 a.m. Did I mention that in addition to the free two-day shipping the dress itself was under $60?! Major win for my college budget.

The downside: the dress came and I couldn't get it zipped... the zipper wouldn't budge. I am super petite (under 5'4) and have a difficult time finding clothes that fit without having to be altered; especially when it comes to long gowns. But rather than issues with the length of the dress, I ran into issues with the bust being too tight. I started freaking out and ordered two more dresses from Revolve (herehere) with their free two-day shipping.

The first was way too long and the second was too casual. In a mini-panic, I tried on the first dress again, and miraculously, it fit. I still have no idea if I stretched the fabric slightly the first time I tried it on, or what, but the dress fit comfortably.


My freshman year roommate, Claire!  

I wanted to share a few unedited images so you could see the actual color of the dress. It is this gorgeous wine color that goes perfectly with our university's colors of maroon and orange.


Want to hear something crazy? Matt's roommate and good friend is our class president, and he said they tried to get every clock turned to the day we graduate (5:16 or May 16, 2020). Cue the tears!

One last thing I will mention about this dress is that the side slit doesn't go as high up as it looks. In the picture above, it almost looks like my booty is showing, but I promise it isn't. Your girl has such a tiny booty, you wouldn't even be able to tell if it was showing (lol). The side slit made walking and dancing a heck of a lot easier because I wasn't tripping over the fabric.

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