Celebrating Earth Day with Grove Collaborative


What do Earth Day and spring cleaning have in common? Grove Collaborative! Every spring I scrub down my apartment from top to bottom, but this year, I’m doing it with products that are actually good for me and the planet! 

Grove Collaborative Glass Cleaner and Glass Spray Bottle

Grove Collaborative believes that home products should support people and the planet. Every product available at Grove is cruelty-free, non-toxic, and sustainable with plant-based formulas. This means every product available doesn’t compromise our health or the health of our planet earth. 

In celebration of Earth Day, Grove Collaborative sent over four eco-friendly products: bamboo strawswalnut scrubber sponges, and a glass spray bottle with concentrated cleaner.

Did you know 500 million plastic straws are used in the US every day? These single-use plastic straws cannot be recycled and wind up in oceans or landfills without a second thought. Bamboo straws are an amazing alternative because not only are they sustainable, but they’re naturally antibacterial as well.


Next up, the walnut scrubber sponge. These sponges are made in North America from 100% all natural vegetable cellulose. They are also crazy soft to the touch, making them non-scratch and surface friendly.

When I first opened up the silicone sleeve spray bottle in seafoam green, I got so excited! This bottle is so aesthetically appealing and something I could definitely store in the open when I’m not using to clean with. In addition, this bottle is BPA free, reusable and refillable. It is an easy item to incorporate into your spring cleaning to avoid throwing away plastic cleaner bottles.

Earth Day is a great time to bring awareness to the small things we can all do to make a difference for the planet! This is just one day, but we can celebrate the Earth every day by making small changes in our lifestyle and the products we use as consumers. Want to see more from Grove Collaborative? Head over to my Instagram and Instagram stories!



This sponsored by Grove Collaborative and hrbt. All thoughts and opinions are my own.