Answering Your Most Frequently Asked Questions


What is your major?

I am majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Dress, Culture and Society at Virginia Tech. Go Hokies! I love Virginia Tech and this incredible community, and I couldn’t have asked more from these past four years in Blacksburg, Virginia. I am graduating in the spring of 2020 and am trying to make the most out of my last few months as a college student.


I saw you’re a petite fashion blogger. What are some of your favorite petite brands?

I have a whole blog post on 7 Stores Every Petite Girl Should Know. Definitely be sure to check it out! I am only 5’2” so it took me ages to find clothes that fit my petite frame. Loft is one of my favorite stores and one of the only places I find pants that fit me. Asos is amazing for dresses and formal wear that fit exactly like the descriptions say.

What is is an affiliate network created by RewardStyle. It is a free app and resource that allows you to shop my Instagram posts and Instagram stories. I use because it is a streamlined way to be a beneficial resource for everyone interested in shopping my posts. It allows me to link the items I wear in one easy to find place, so my Instagram account doesn't have to be all shopping all the time for those who aren’t as interested.


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How do you make money from your blog? I’m sorry if this is too personal.

No, this is not too personal at all. I pride myself on being open and honest. If sharing how this blog operates monetarily helps you all understand the whole blogging world better, then I have no problem sharing. I will say that I can only speak to my blog and how What the Clique operates.

Affiliate Links: There are several platforms used to generate affiliate links. I personally use rewardStyle which allows me to earn a small percentage of most of the purchases you make on my blog. The majority of the links on my site are affiliate links I generate through rewardStyle. RewardStyle negotiates with retail companies a commission rate bloggers can earn as a reward for bringing shoppers to their website.

Brand Partnerships: Brand partnerships are another way bloggers gain expose and bring in compensation for their work. Many bloggers use an agency to work with retail brands. Agencies are the middle-man between bloggers and companies and personally allow me the opportunity to collaborate with big-name brands I may never have had the opportunity to otherwise.

Lastly, I wanted to say that no matter your perception of bloggers, this isn’t a “get rich quick” kind of career. It takes hours of hard work and dedication to bring in a single sale that may make you $0.05. I do not operate this blog with the hope of making money or even expect to make money. I do it because I love this platform and it gives me an escape from my hectic life.

Where are you and Matt moving?

I am SO close to being able to share this information with you all! This news is something Matt and I have been so excited about for the past month now, and I am bursting at the seams to share. After graduation, we are moving to a place I am so excited to be able to call home. I know I have typed “so excited” about a million times already, but we are so ecstatic for this next chapter of our lives. I’m just waiting for everything to come into place before I share everything. I promise I will share as soon as we’re able, I just don’t want to jinx anything!

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